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"Seize Control: Renew Your Mortgage on Your Terms"

Worried about the Renewal of your mortgage?

You're not the only one……

A recent survey conducted by research firm Horizon highlighted that 70% of New Zealand mortgage holders are concerned they may be unable to afford the new repayments when their mortgage is up for renewal.

If you feel like you're in a similar position it's critical that you start thinking about your next steps.

We recommend getting in touch with us so that we can help you organise your financial affairs so that you are in the best position to tackle these new interest rates.

We have helped many clients over the last couple of months; the key is getting onto it early. Getting a Budget in place that aligns with your new interest rate is critical and the earlier you start preparing the better placed you will be to deal with your increasing mortgage servicing costs.

Review before you simply Renew

What are your options?


Refixing is the simple process of locking in a new interest rate for a new term when your existing fixed rate term expires.

Your lender will typically be in touch 60 days before your fixed rate term ends. It's at this point that you should evaluate your options.

In today’s climate, it's advisable to shop around before simply accepting the first offer your current provider is offering.

Taking advantage of another lender's products/services may result in obtaining more competitive rates along with greater flexibility.

We recommend getting in touch before you simply Refix to see if there is a better option that fits your requirements.


Refinancing is the simple process of transferring your mortgage from one lender to another.

Clients refinance for many different reasons including

-Wanting to take advantage of more competitive interest rates and Cashback

-Access equity in their property (Rental property options)

-Debt consolidation (Cleaning up personal loans, credit cards)

We are seeing more and more clients look at their refinancing options as they seek to find the best interest-rate deal and cashback. Some lending providers are still offering 1% cash back as enticements to move and in tough economic times, this can assist with cash flow. Talk to experts with over a decade of experience for a free mortgage health check.

Don’t stress yourself! Get in touch and get a plan in place!

We take calls over the weekend 027 472 52 44 Sara

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