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When is it time for a KiwiSaver health check? The answer is NOW!

It’s one of those things that many of us never think to do… look into your KiwiSaver. When did you last see how it was performing? Think about your contributions or check up on your KiwiSaver balance? Well with much of the country in lockdown again, there has never been a better time than right now to get back on top of your KiwiSaver and see if it is still fit for purpose.

Thankfully, it isn’t too hard, and here at The Umbrella Company we’ve partnered with National Capital, specialists in KiwiSaver investment advice to help guide you through it.

Being in the right KiwiSaver if you are looking to buy your first home will pay big dividends in growing your deposit. Similarly, the wrong KiwiSaver in later life may see you retiring as a have not rather than a have… Far too many Kiwis ‘set and forget’ their KiwiSaver and a large number remain in the default scheme they were placed in when they first signed up.

This quick guide and the team at National Capital will help ensure your KiwiSaver is fit for purpose!

Not quite ready to get in touch with them yet? No worries – here’s our quick fire guide to get you asking yourself the right questions.

What do you want from your KiwiSaver?

Are you saving to retire, or for a deposit to get your first home? This factor will impact how you manage your investment and the type of fund you should be in.

How much can you contribute?

You can choose to contribute 3%, 4%, 6%, 8% or 10% of your pay to your KiwiSaver account each payday. If you have not chosen one of the higher levels, you will have defaulted to 3%. Take a look at one of your most recent payslips, and it should tell you what your contribution rate is. If you can afford to save more then you should. You’ll earn far more in your KiwiSaver than you will in a current account and if you’re like me you live to your means, if that money comes out at source you’ll be saving more and won’t notice much difference bumping up a percent or two. It could be just a flat white a day but it will soon add up.

What type of KiwiSaver fund are you in?

Different funds suit different New Zealanders. The funds types are:


Defensive funds are generally suitable for investors who have a low appetite for risk.


Conservative funds are generally suitable for investors who are comfortable with some ups and downs in value.

Balanced funds:

Balanced KiwiSaver funds are typically suited to investors who are comfortable seeing a fair degree of variation in their balance. Good if you:

Growth funds:

Growth funds are generally suitable for those who are looking for fairly high growth over the long term. And those who won’t be tempted to switch to a lower-risk fund if they see their balance drop significantly, which can happen from time to time. Good if you:

Aggressive funds:

Aggressive KiwiSaver funds are for investment thrill seekers with an extremely large appetite for risk.

...whatever type of fund you want to be in, make sure you KNOW! You need to escape the default fund for starters!! Get a free health check with National Capital today.

Who is your provider?

Much like you choose your bank account provider, you can choose your KiwiSaver provider too. There are many. Not just the big banks. Providers will have a range of investment options and styles. Some providers offer apps, online platforms and free help desks so you can chat about your investment. Others are more basic. Check how much you are paying in fees against the rate of returns and how ‘active’ an investor you want to be.

What are you investing in?

Guns? Bombs? Coal? Some people are happy just to know they’ve picked a scheme that suits them that will maximise their savings but others want more detail. A KiwiSaver product disclosure statement will usually say what the company is investing in.

Compare your KiwiSaver options

There’s plenty of KiwiSaver providers out there and it can be daunting, that’s why we recommend National Capital. Much like you’d use an expert mortgage broker to find the best mortgage product for your needs, National Capital can do just the same with your KiwiSaver. Their service is free to use and they are the experts. So request a free KiwiSaver Health Check today and make sure you’re investing for the future. CLICK HERE.

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